Lamp Post

Evie is a textbook hot-mess, a string of bad decisions in human form. With hopes of owning a donut shop on the banks of the Seine, Evie left her life and love at eighteen for Paris dreams. But ten years in, bogged down with Endometriosis and fibroids, her dreams are crumbling around her faster than a day-old donut.


Enter the brooding Human Dorito, Liam Kelly, Evie’s high school sweetheart and writer of swoon-worthy love letters (like the one sitting in Evie’s nightstand). Unwittingly jolted back into their tale-as-old-as-high school-love story concocted by their overbearing parents, Evie and Liam come up with one giant, half-baked plan to get everyone off their back: Fake. Date.

French Cafe

Unwilling to burden him with her Endometriosis-ridden life, Evie tries to keep Liam at arm’s length. But when Liam breathes life back into Evie’s existence with a kiss, Evie’s had it. Her chronic illness has taken enough from her as is. Ready to wake up and fight for her dreams—the man she’s always loved and the career she wants to create, Evie risks it all. Going all-in may lead to a shattered heart, but what’s the point of having one, if all it does is beat, anyway?